What Does CCP Stand For? Cubic Close-Packed

CCP is one of those abbreviations which you might find in an old materials science textbook with absolutely no explanation. The abbreviation used to be very common, although now it’s fallen out of style.

CCP stands for Cubic Close-Packed. It has the same naming convention as HCP, which you may be more familiar with. CCP is the cubic crystal structure with the closest packing and highest atomic density (more technically known as APF). And yes, that does mean that CCP is just FCC (Face-Centered Cubic).

CCP, or FCC is a crystal structure with an atom on each corner of a cube, and another atom on each face of the cube.

You could also say that CCP is the crystal structure with a 1-atom basis on an FCC Bravais lattice.

Traditionally, the abbreviation CCP was used to refer to the crystal structure, and the abbreviation FCC was used to refer to the Bravais lattice. Today, it’s more common to see FCC used for both crystal structure and Bravais lattice, which can lead to confusion whenever current students read old textbooks!

If you want to learn more about Bravais lattices, here is a full article.

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